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API to ADD or Delete VMs to a Veeam Backup Jobs

Post by gmuthireddy »

Is there any curl command to DELETE VMs from a Veeam Backup job or to ADD VMs to Veeam Backup jobs.? If so, please help me in finding it. Thanks.

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Re: API to ADD or Delete VMs to a Veeam Backup Jobs

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There most certainly is. well, there is an API, you can use whatever means of triggering the API

You are after this resource ... ludes.html

You can post the new object, along with the desired settings to the /job/{id}/includes

You will also need to perform a lookup to fetch the HierarchyObjRef via the lookupsvc ... upsvc.html

Deletions are done using ... ml?ver=100

And before all that, if you are not aware you will need to login and use the returned session id (in the headers of the response) - and set the X-RestSvcSessionId on calls to any of the above. Here is how to auth ... ation.html

If you have access to powershell you can also perform these operations using this instead of via the enterprise manager API

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