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Get job execution percentage and restore status

Post by mukul18 »

Hi All,

We are working on RestAPI testing using Veaam Backup Enterprise manager and have following queries.

1) Once we do a backup using veeamzip or backupjob, can we get a backup status response(like percentage status) using RestAPI, if yes could you please share the API reference.

2) During restore, web interface shows status like "In Progress" then "Success", can we get a same response using RestAPI. This will be helpful for us to write a script for restoring the VM and then wait for restore to complete.


Natalia Lupacheva
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Re: Get job execution percentage and restore status

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Hi Mukul,

1) You can use backupSessions to get the backup job details. Adding "?format=Entity" to the link helps you to show all session details including status.

2) You can use this method. Adding "?format=Entity" also works for this method (so it will be /api/restoreSessions?format=Entity). This should return all the details about the job.

You can find more details about "format" parameter here.
Also, speaking of the job statuses, you might find this post interesting.


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