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Issue With Mount Becoming Unavailable

Post by Attackmonkey »


I'm restoring a mount successfully on a backup and am able to browse the files successfully. However, after a certain time, requests to browse the mount return the following error:

Code: Select all

Failed to invoke method [BrowseGuestFileSystem]. 

Message Restore session already closed.Veeam.Backup.Interaction.RestAPI.CRestAPICommunicationException: Failed to invoke method [BrowseGuestFileSystem].
I'm unable to post the full response, as it's XML and your forum won't allow me to post it.

If I call the endpoint to list the mounts, the mount still shows up in the list, but if I try and browse the mount I get the same error as above. It looks like the restore session is timing out? If it's timed out, why can I still see the mount in the list of available mounts (as it doesn't work any more)?

Is there anything I can do to stop this happening? If not, when it does happen, what should I be doing? Should I destroy the mount and then re mount it again? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Re: Issue With Mount Becoming Unavailable

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Kindly, reach our support team for further investigation. Please, provide ticket number, once you get one (so that we can follow the case). Thanks.

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