Mapping TaskId to SessionId

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Mapping TaskId to SessionId

Veeam Logoby mwpreston » Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:47 pm

Hey All...

When starting a backup job via the REST API I am returned a taskId - this task stays running for a moment and then reports success with a message of "Triggered backup job" or something along those lines. What I'm looking to do is actually monitor the status of the job I just kicked off - which I believe is done through the backupSessions resource.

So - long story short - am I able to take that taskId and somehow retrieve the sessionId which it kicked off?
Or am I best to simply comb through backupSessions and take the latest one associated with my job name?

I'd rather perform the first option as it seems like it would be a little more accurate - just not sure if its possible?

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