RestAPI to call file copy jobs

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RestAPI to call file copy jobs

Veeam Logoby pj888888888888 » Fri May 18, 2018 2:55 pm

So I have been using Veeam to replicate the templates that our sysadmins use from our corporate site to our remote sites.
We are trying to work on automating quite a bit of our environment, and I wanted to give them the ability to call this through the restapi (being we could have ancible call this job and automate this process)
I was trying and found that the when we put the job ID for the template copy job into the api string, it fails with a 404 error that the resource was non-existent.

Has anyone had any success in attempting this?
I'm almost on the verge of getting this in good working order, this would be a pretty big win if I could get this working. :D
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