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Restful API for SQL Explorer functions

Post by Joel_Miller »

I know there are PowerShell module functions that can interact with the SQL Explorer, but it appears that there are no REST APIs that can interact with SQL Explorer. I need the ability to back up and restore databases using a Restful API rather than Powershell (company requirement). Are there options that I am unaware of or plans to implement Restful API interfaces to SQL Explorer?
It is very important that I am able to work with SQL Backups using a Restful API.

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Re: Restful API for SQL Explorer functions

Post by oleg.feoktistov »

Hi Joel,

Currently, there are no options for DB Restore neither in EM, nor in VBR REST API. We have plans to add application restore (SQL, Oracle, Exchange) in EM REST API in the nearest future (hopefully, vNext). However, if you ask about SQL Explorer-like functionality specifically, it would be rather relevant to VBR REST API.
There we have a plenty of more general functions to cover before we dive into advanced ones like SQL DB restore. Let's say we have it on a roadmap, but with no ETA.


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Re: Restful API for SQL Explorer functions

Post by veremin »

While we're on this, are you familiar with Enterprise Manager DB restore capabilities? If we cover those with REST APIs, will it be enough for your needs? Or your use case requires something more? Thanks!

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