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Agent Backup to alternative destination

Post by justkaka »

I'm using VBRZip to backup a VM to local USB drive once a week

with the following
Find-VBRHvEntity -Server "VS1" -Name $VMName | Start-VBRZip -Folder $Path

This works fine for VM's

I also have a agent job of the Physical Server to a Veeam Repository - is there any way I can do a VBRZip backup to the USB disk ie. specify or change destination ?

Get-VBRComputerBackupJob -Name "Agent VS1" | Start-VBRJob -FullBackup

This works to backup to the Repository - but dosent allow path to be changed
is there any way to specify path?

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Re: Agent Backup to alternative destination

Post by HannesK »

and welcome to the forums.

VeeamZIP only exists for VMs: ... ml?ver=110

I don't know why you are scripting, but with scripting it should be no problem to use a normal backup job that points to your USB drive: ... ml?ver=110

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