Agent-based backup of Windows, Linux, Max, AIX and Solaris machines.
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Backing up different folders in a job

Post by jamcool »

I have a backup job (backing up 3 Window servers via Agent). They want certain folders on each server backed up. I have created a single job (file based) and in the job under Objects included all the folders. During backup it just says a folder on server was not found. I cannot find a way to do different objects per server in the job. Am I missing this feature or is there a way to do it I am not seeing? If not available maybe it could be a future request. Thanks.
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Re: Backing up different folders in a job

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yes, it tries to find the folder on each machine. The job defines what to back up and if it's not available, then there is an error.

If you have three different paths to back up on three different machines, that would mean three jobs then.

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