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Backup to Tape vs Files to Tape

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Until recently I was using a Files to Tape job to backup .vbks on tape, the files were about 4.5TB in total which stored fine on an LTO-7 tape with 6TB available space.

Then I decided it would be more appropriate to do a Backup to Tape job instead so I selected the same job which contained (in theory) the same .vbks to put on the same tape.

What I am not getting is that it requires two tapes do store the data with the Backup to Tape job, the job stops at 75% and then ask for another tape.

So to resume the problem the Files to Tape fits on one tape and the same data with a Backup to Tape requires two.

Is there some compression not available when running a Backup to Tape job ?

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Re: Backup to Tape vs Files to Tape

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hardware compression is a tape job setting. The impact should be small whether you set that option or not if you use Veeam built-in data reduction (default. the only exception normally should be deduplication appliances).

If you say 75%, does that mean that really more data gets copied? Or is it that the tape is not 100% full.

It's hard to guess things like that on a forum... do you have a Veeam support case number with more details?

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