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Cloud Connect issues

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We started using Cloud Connect with a large Veeam partner around the first of the year. All was fine for a few months until the provider decided to upgrade to Veeam 10 the same day it rolled out. We have had nothing but problems since then. Took the provider weeks to get the copies working again. In the end they said Veeam provided registry changes on their end. After that we were good again for weeks. Last week we added a new copy job from a remote site and started a full copy. It failed within minutes and has somehow triggered all our copy jobs to stop working again. Occasionally some are successful but now we are a few days without good copies and all the provider is saying is they are waiting on Veeam.

I am confused by the situation. There is nothing special about our environment. I thought Cloud Connect was a mature platform. Also how can it take the provider or Veeam so long to correct problems.

Just looking for some feedback. Is the problem Veeam 10 or did I end up with an unreliable provider? Are Veeam users migrating away from Cloud Connect to another solution to get their Veeam backups offsite?

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Re: Cloud Connect issues

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Hey Charles,

Cloud Connect is a mature platform and we have lots of customers sending backups to cloud repositories. I can see that based on the license stats coming to use on monthly-basis from our service providers. To understand what went wrong, ideally, I need at least the provider name or support case IDs (you can send it to me via a PM). Once I know this, it will be clear whether on what went wrong.


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