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"Read at 1 mb/s"

Post by miek »

We are using backup and replication and have 10 workstations that are using veeam agents managed by it. I don't see any heavy cpu or memory usage. 1% cpu usage on repo, 46% memory and the VeeamAgent.exe processes are hardly using any of that 46%. We have a 10 gig connection.

All of these workstations agents are showing "read at 1 mb/s" for the main drives. The workstations themselves are extremely beefy and this isn't even using 1% of their resources.

Any ideas?

We are using the agent because these machines are only turned on during certain times and the option to have it managed by the backup server doesn't take a workstation that is going to be brought up at random times into account.

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Re: "Read at 1 mb/s"

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I would recommend to perform the following steps:
1. To check which data processing stage is defined as "Bottleneck" according to job statistics and to focus your attention on a problematic stage, maybe run additional performance tests for such stage.
2. Since 1 Mb/s is quite slow, I'd recommend to contact our support team and to ask our engineers to look for some hints in debug logs. Please don't forget to share support case ID.


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Re: "Read at 1 mb/s"

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Hello miek.

Please check that agent throttling is disabled: it's enabled for workstations by default, but, since you've mentioned that these workstations have decent amount of CPU/RAM, you can try turning throttling off. Cheers!

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