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Rebuilding a Storage Space on which a repository resides?

Post by TheWaterbug »

I have an "all-in-one" box running Veeam B&R Community Edition, e.g. this box is both my Veeam server and its primary repository, with Win10 and Veeam B&R installed on an SSD, and the primary repository on a separate 4-disk Storage Space, all connected via SATA.

Back when I built this box, I did a "thin provisioning" on the Storage Space because I didn't know any better, creating a 16 TB logical volume with <<<<<<< 16 TB of actual, usable space.

This is biting me in the butt because nothing outside of the Storage Space control panel actually knows how much space I have available, and then things just fail.

So I want to delete the Storage Space and re-create it with thick provisioning (and ReFS), but without losing the backups in the repository. For a single logical volume on a Storage Space pool, there's no disadvantage to thick provisioning, because I can non-destructively increase the size of the volume later when I add or upgrade disks.

What's the correct procedure for doing that? Is it sufficiently safe to:
  1. Disable all jobs using that repo
  2. Copy the contents of the Storage Space volume to an external USB drive
  3. Delete and re-create the Storage Space properly, with original drive letter
  4. Copy the contents from the external USB drive back to the Storage Space volume, so that all paths remain unchanged relative to yesterday
  5. Re-enable the jobs
Or are there internal process running within the Veeam server that will barf if a repository disappears, even if nothing is actively writing to it? Or SS-specific GUIDs that will cause data to be not be recognized, even if the paths and filenames are the same? Or things that will barf if the underlying format is changed from NTFS to ReFS?

Or is there already a KB article that explains all of this? :lol:


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Re: Rebuilding a Storage Space on which a repository resides?

Post by Mildur » 1 person likes this post

There is a KB for moving backup files :)

If the path and server is the same, you donˋt have todo anything in veeam. You can follow your steps.
If the path has changed, you can follow the kb article to create a new repo and map/automap the old backup files :)

Changing ntfs to refs will not be a issue. If you want to use refs block cloning after the migration, you need to create a fullbackup or schedule a compact operation. It depends on your win 10 edition, if you can use refs with fastcloning. You need „Microsoft Windows 10 Pro for Workstations“ for that. ... ml?ver=110
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