Agent-based backup of Windows, Linux, Max, AIX and Solaris machines.
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replaced file server, robocopy, how to backup

Post by HannibalK1ng »


I had a file server that I robo copied all the data during the week and did a migration last night.

i had the job setup in veeam with windows agent backup.

I want the job to just continue on with the new server, is there anyway i can do this without it taking up alot more space or creating a new set of recovery points?

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Re: replaced file server, robocopy, how to backup

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if you installed the agent on a new machine, then this new machine will get a full backup.

Please remember, that Veeam Agent for Windows is built for block level backup (aka "entire machine" backup). One can do file-based backup, but that's not what it was build for.

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