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Using Veeam Agent on WAN server

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We have a client with two sites that are connected using VPN. We currently have a Veeam server in site A that controls and carries out the backups for the site A server. In Site B, we have a server and a NAS. So my question is :

If I use the site A Veeam server to configure the Veeam agent on the site B server to push scheduled backups to the site B NAS, if the internet connection drops (or VPN breaks) will the scheduled backup still occur on site B even if there is no communication with site A?

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Re: Using Veeam Agent on WAN server

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It depends on what agent management mode you're planning to use. If this is going to be " managed by agent" configuration, then your backup job the agent will continue to run even if there is no connection to the backup server.


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