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What controls the use of TLS with Agent backups?

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I started having windows agent backup failures yesterday after the upgrade to V12. (Case #05945061)

It turned out to be our firewall which, while it had ports 2500-3300 open, was classifying the traffic as Application: SSL which wasn't allowed.

What controls whether or not an agent uses TLS? The global network traffic rules only have the default "Internet" entry and while these two agent jobs were failing, two other jobs were not. The repository logs show the ones without trouble are not creating TLS sessions; "Creating session ( redirect output session: 'false')" instead of "Creating TLS session ( redirect output session: 'true')".

Presumably before the V12 upgrade these two were not using TLS as the backups were succeeding so I'd just like to know what's going on.

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Re: What controls the use of TLS with Agent backups?

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we are improving security in each version. Management traffic is probably the reason why you see new TLS packets. There is no way to control management traffic encryption (well, probably there are some debugging registry keys). It's encrypted per default.

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