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All backups to tape with retention

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I would like to make tape backup with retention. I have to backup jobs like:
- backups with day retention
- backups with weekly retention
- backups with monthly retention

For now I can make to write one type for every week but if there are not new backups it doesn't write to type:
First week - all backups
Second week -there are only backup which were change since last week.
and so on

I want to make:
Job A - with daily retention
Job B - with weekly retention
Job C - with monthly retention
1 week -all backups for type 1 (Job A,B,C)
But in second week I will have backup:
Job A7
Job B2
Job C
And I want to make backup to type:
2 week - all backups for type 2 (Job A7, Job B2, Job C)
and so on
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Re: All backups to tape with retention

Post by Mildur »

Hi Bartosz

Please check out Backup To Tape Jobs with a GFS Media Pool.
It allows you do write daily, weekly and monthly tapes with a single Job.

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