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Archive backup files on secondary BU server

Post by Ikes73 » Jul 29, 2014 3:21 pm

Hi ,
our B&R server is a virtual machine (preffered to keep it that way). Our repositories our Raw device mappings on a FC SAN HUS300.
We have one physical Veeam backup server with a tape library and need to get the TB's of vbk's on a tape.

I'v got the snapshotting scripts working to present a snapshot SAN volume to the physical backup server. When I created a files to tape job I noticed that there was no possibility to add pre and post jobs .
It is not desirable to start scheduling scripts with windows task scheduler, even less to go start veeam backup jobs scripted from within windows task scheduler instead of Veeam console . That way you lose the overview, the central console.

Is there a right way to fire backup jobs and pre- and post-jobs from our virtual B&R server on the physical server?
If not then I think that we have to forget the storage snapshotting and convert the RDM's to VMFS LUN's ... all those tera's ...

Any good advice please ?
Tx in advance !

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Re: Archive backup files on secondary BU server

Post by v.eremin » Jul 29, 2014 5:07 pm

Currently, backup job has only post-job command and tape one doesn't have even that. However, we're going to add pre-job command in v8. Probably, the tape jobs will also be able to boast with the said functionality.

For now the only to have pre/post job command for tape job is to script everything. One script that contain three portions: pre command, job execution command, and post command.


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