Using tape as a backup target
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Backup copy jobs to tape

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If I have already ran a tape job to copy the backup copy (Full backups) to tape and re-run the tape job again later, will it still copy the latest to tape even though "Process latest backup full chain only" is checked? Will I still have two copies tape or is Veeam smart enough to detect this?
Last month a full backup was missed in which resulted in a new media pool being created to backup the fulls to tape.

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Re: Backup copy jobs to tape

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Hello RobS,

Checkbox works for every job specified as a source. Once checked it will always process the latest backup chain and ignore the rest.

Keep in mind that if the tape media was erased completely (so there is no backup chain on tapes) - it will write the same backup chain again but that's going to be the latest backup chain :wink:

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