Using tape as a backup target
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Backup Schedule Advise

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I am trying to create a backup schedule for 2 VM's. VM1 is 1.5TB and VM2 is 1.8TB (totaling 3.3TB). My disc space is 5TB. I have the backups currently running forward incremental with synthetic backups on Thursdays and active full backups on Sunday. I have 3 restore points (but i might make it 2). The problem is that after one full backup/incremental is ran my disc space is already over half full. I currently have 1 vbk. and 2 vib. with another backup scheduled for this Sunday. I dont know if the backup will erase the old data to make room for the new or if the disc will just say that its too full.

I really have no preference on backup days/times/frequency. I am just limited in my disc space.

Thank you

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Re: Backup Schedule Advise

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Hi Jennifer, welcome to the Veeam Forums.

One option may be the reverse incremental backup. This will keep a full backup as your most recent backup, and then n # of increments backwards. There is a nice diagram here: ... l?ver=95u4

There will only be 1 full backup on disk at a time with this mode, but it has its own characteristics - especially if you are to keep many restore points or are using a deduplication target.

To reconfigure however, you may have to "restart" the backup and clear the existing backups on disk repository first however. This is something that also may be a good idea to contact Veeam support before making too many changes.

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Re: Backup Schedule Advise

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Basically, there is no need to run periodic full backups any longer, so, you can just disable periodic full backups and at each given moment have on disk the exact number of restore points you've specified. Thanks!

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