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Veeam Logoby kawiMTF » Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:08 am

Hello everyone

This topic is about nearly the same issue as my post here: powershell-f26/tape-handling-with-script-script-partial-working-t33312.html#p189392

Long time ago since i had this issue. And i don't really like to dig out old threads. But today we found a possible solution and i think that this hint will perhaps help someone.

Code: Select all
Add-PSSnapin VeeamPSSnapin
Get-VBRTapeDrive -Name "Tape0" | Start-VBRTapeInventory -Wait
$tape = Get-VBRTapeMedium -Drive "Tape0"
Erase-VBRTapeMedium -Medium $tape -Wait
Move-VBRTapeMedium -Medium $tape -MediaPool "Free" -Confirm:$false

The script above does the following:

1) it loads the Veeam powershell snappin.
2) it gets the tape drive "tape0" and does an inventory. It waits for the next steps until inventory is done.
3) It writes the content of the tape drive (literarily the name of the tape) in the variable "$tape".
4) the script then erases the tape with the variable "$tape" (quick erase) and waits until this step is done.
5) the script then moves the tape to the Veeam media pool "Free".

You will have to check the settings within the manually created media pool, that the media pool adds free tapes automatically from the free media pool in case, additional capazity is needed.
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