backupstrategy with Datadomain and tape

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backupstrategy with Datadomain and tape

Veeam Logoby vanakenarch » Thu May 25, 2017 6:33 am

Dear Veeam users,

We've recently bought a Dell EMC Datadomain unit (DD6300 36TB) for our online, in house, backups. For disaster recovery purpose I want to use our Dell TL2000 LTO-6 tape library. I still strongly believe in tapes for DR. For the past 14 years I've used 4 weekly tape sets and ½ yearly tape sets for archiving purpose. So moving to a datadomain unit, this changes the strategy a bit. Especially for my backup to tape.
I have a physical backup server with 14TB local storage and veeam B&R essentials enterprise. My main storage for VMware is an HP MSA 2040 12Gbit/s SAS with 21,6 TB gross and around 17TB is in use now. The .vbk in total is around 7,5TB (in my previous setup with inline dedup on local storage). Now I've turned off inline dedup on veeam, because the DD6300 takes care of it. I've setup a DDboost repository for daily backup all VMs. And a continuous backup copy job to a separate repository for long term archival, also on the DD6300.
My question is: What's the best option to have my DR on tape? Just have a backup to tape job directly from DD6300 to the LTO-6 library or first copy to local storage and then to tape?
I've read some performance issues between DD units and tape. The DD6300 has the latest OS version 6.0.

Yours sincerely,
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Re: backupstrategy with Datadomain and tape

Veeam Logoby Dima P. » Fri May 26, 2017 2:18 am

Hi Nathan,

Direct VM restore from tape works only in conjunction with backup to tape job. For your case, you have to restore a backup file from tape to local repository first and then restore a VM or/and file from VM using Veeam B&R restore options.
Dima P.
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