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Best way to configure backups for least storage amount

Post by matttail » Nov 05, 2017 3:16 am

Hi all,
I've got Veeam setup to backup daily to a NAS and I'm working on setting up backups to Amazon services for offsite backup. I have a VTL setup but I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to setup backups to use as little storage space as possible while maintaining some revision history.

I'm backing up files that are not changed frequently so I was thinking of running weekly backups and then once a month archiving the data into the Glacial storage at the cheaper rate. If I have to restore I don't want to have to restore too many backup sets to get the full data set for recovery. I'll only be backing up files from one of my servers. Is it better to setup a GFS backup or standard backups? I'd also like to get it set so that the VT is ejected at the end of the month so it automatically gets archived at Amazon.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Dima P.
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Re: Best way to configure backups for least storage amount

Post by Dima P. » Nov 09, 2017 2:49 pm

Hi Matthew,

Looks like GFS media pool works perfectly for your case. Another option might be to run tape job to simple media pool with synthetic fulls checked for the desired day. Regarding the VTL there are two options here – you can either use Amazon Gateway VTL or Starwind VTL for Amazon.

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