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Can't see NFS mount on Tape server from backup server

Post by jhardman@bar-s.com » Mar 23, 2015 8:05 pm

Hi All

I have a open ticket with support #00847504

But I wanted to run this by the community as there is some uncertainty if my problem is by design, and if not where the issue is (Veeam or MS).

I have a Windows 2008R2SP1 server that is current on patches. It is installed as a Veeam repository, and proxy and now as a tape server. I uninstalled the Veeam NFS to allow me to mount a NFS "share" from a Oracle Backup Appliance where I have a massive amount of files I need to archive to tape. I installed the MS NFS and mounted via command line the NFS export as N:

I can see and browse the N: drive (NFS mount) with Windows explorer and via the CLI. However I can not see it as a administrative share (\\{computername}\N$) from other Windows servers including the Veeam backup server. I can see the other administrative shares (C$, etc) on the tape server.

So when I create a "file to tape" job on the backup server I'm unable to see and select the NFS mount. I have rescanned the tape server, rebooted it, mounted and unmounted. It is current on patches both Veeam and MS. Nothing seems to work.

I suspect that its not possible to see a NFS mount from another server at all, or maybe its a misconfiguration or bug at the OS level, or maybe something in Veeam not picking it up.

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Re: Can't see NFS mount on Tape server from backup server

Post by alanbolte » Mar 24, 2015 4:26 am

I haven't tried this with NFS, but rather than try to use administrative shares or mounted drives, can you simply type a UNC path into the file to tape job? This works with SMB, and if I recall correctly Windows client for NFS can address NFS shares as UNC paths.

One workaround I'm sure would work is mounting the NFS share to a Linux server, adding that Linux server to the backup infrastructure, and choosing it as the source for the job.

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