Using tape as a backup target
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Can you have a separate B&R for tape jobs

Post by ejenner »

Can you have a separate Backup and Replication server which can move files to tape using the same repositories as a source?

What if you didn't ask Veeam to know anything about the backups you were protecting on the repositories and asked it just to backup the files as if they were normal data? Could you then restore those files in a DR scenario? We wouldn't ever use tape for day-to-day recoveries.

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Re: Can you have a separate B&R for tape jobs

Post by HannesK »

I moved your question to the tape forum.

Technically you can do that. From a usability perspective it's a little bit more complex to do restores. I recommend testing the process because file-to-tape backups work different than backup-to-tape.

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