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Create VTL within V7

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is it possible to create an VTL within Veeam V7? Where currently using HP DataProtector for Backup to Tape but try to switch to one product.
At the moment we´re creating an VTL-Tape (backup data is here includet) and writing the VTL-Tape to real tape.

Thanks for help.

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Dima P.
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Re: Create VTL within V7

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Hello Benjamin,

Sure, it is possible to set up a VTL and connect it to Veeam v7 thru the iSCSI.

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Re: Create VTL within V7

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I'm not 100% sure, but if you are asking if it's possible to create a VTL natively within Veeam, rather than connect to an external VTL, then no, Veeam does not have this capability. Some backup software has the native option to create a VTL that uses disk as a backup. This really wouldn't make a lot of sense with Veeam since Veeam is already a "backup to disk" product.

However, if that's not what you meant, Dmitry is correct that we can leverage any traditional hardware or software VTL appliances that can be connected via SCSI (SAS or Parallel), iSCSI, or FC.

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