Using tape as a backup target
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Design Guidance Two Repositories and Tape

Post by rklingaman »

I have been reading and playing with different options with veeam but I still haven't found out a solution that gets me what I need.

My Setup:

The repositories below are a physical Window servers with local drives.

Nightly Backup jobs run from VMware over a 10Gb SAN connection to the first repository and stored for 30 days of online backups.

Then Backup Copy Job from the first repository to the second repository over a 10Gb link.

The second repository has a Tape Drive attached to it. So every day when it gets the full backup copy from the First repository then copy that backup to a Tape System.

So it the end I would have my online 30 days on the first repository a longer GFS retention on the second repository that would then also copy that same GFS retention to the Tape Drive.

For the first repository I'm ok with incremental backups and such but once it gets to the second repository and Tape I want them in full backup files without any dependency on incrementals.

How would I best achieve this?

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Re: Design Guidance Two Repositories and Tape

Post by HannesK »

as the BCJ primary backup chain is a forward incremental forever chain: one "Backup to tape" job with daily "virtual synthetic full" backup should do the job

One normal media pool for all the fulls. No configuration for incremental backup.

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