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Encryption Quesitons

Post by JoshWanKenobi » Jul 17, 2017 7:28 pm

I opened a case with support asking them how can I verify in the logs that encryption is being used on my tapes that are going off site? CASE # 02217903
I need to know what encryption method is being used on tapes, I need to prove its hardware/software, and specific method of encryption. I also would like a simple confirmation procedure for the tapes themselves.

To confirm encryption is being used, Support asked me to build a new VBR server, move my tape drive, load a tape and catalog the tape to see if Veeam asks for a password (Key).
I do not see this as a viable option, at least not a repeatable one for our yearly Audits.

I did locate in the logs a line where it mentions Encryption for the tape media pool.


Can anyone tell me what encryption type 3 is ?
How can I tell that software encryption is working since my tape drive doesn't support (lack of license key) the hardware encryption piece?

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Re: Encryption Quesitons

Post by Dima P. » Jul 18, 2017 1:25 pm

I do not see this as a viable option, at least not a repeatable one for our yearly Audits.
For testing purposes you can write a tape media with encryption being set. Remove the written tape from catalogue, remove the encryption key from the VBR and re catalogue the tape. You will see backups under encrypted node.
According to the dev team it means that hardware encryption is used

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