Using tape as a backup target
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Feature Request - Monthly GFS Media Pool Retention

Post by Michael Bricker »

This is for a customer under the account EMSI- Examination Management Services, Inc.

Currently in the Monthly GFS media pool settings it can only go to 100 months of retention. The customer needs this go to go 120 months for a 10 year retention of every month. This is why we could not just simply use the Yearly options.

Also, another issue was that we have to create a File to tape job to take the Configuration backup to tape. He would like this to show up under Backup jobs when adding jobs into the Backup to Tape job. Which this would make sense considering it's a job in Veeam, that you can schedule and manually run. The only difference are the backup files are not .vbk's or .vib's, or vrb's.

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Re: Feature Request - Monthly GFS Media Pool Retention

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Hello Michael and welcome to the community!
Thanks for your requests, they make sense and taken into account!

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