Feature request: Selectable proxy/gateway for tape jobs

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Feature request: Selectable proxy/gateway for tape jobs

Veeam Logoby Anderson » Wed Jun 29, 2016 7:37 pm 1 person likes this post

We are running Veeam B&R 9 Update 1, and we recently installed a new tape unit to copy the last active full of 40-50 Veeam backup jobs (~30TB) of EMC Isilon-based Veeam disk backups to tape.

After configuring the Veeam tape components and creating the Backup to Tape job we discovered the 1Gbps NIC on our Veeam B&R management server was becoming saturated when this job started and continuously while it ran.

After several weeks of working with Tier1 and Tier2 support, (Case # 01821983), it was determined that despite attempting to seemingly set a gateway manually in the Backup to Tape job, Veeam File to Tape and Backup to Tape jobs traffic their data through the Veeam B&R Server.

This is a tremendous bottleneck since our tape host and storage operate at a 10-20Gbps rate, and we didn't have a way (nor a need with our existing 40-50 Veeam disk-disk jobs which do allow proxy selection) to upgrade the B&R server to > 1Gbps connectivity.

As a result, and after Tier2 confirming there is no way to set a selectable proxy or gateway for tape jobs in our Veeam V9 Update 1 instance, we were forced to move our Veeam B&R server to the tape host as a workaround, which wasn't preferable.

Also, in a situation where branch offices over WAN connections would also have tape units all managed by a central Veeam B&R server, this would present an unworkable problem due to bandwidth constraints.

In a future version of Veeam, could you please allow a selectable proxy (-ies) or a gateway that will allow (as an option) tape jobs send traffic from source to destination, directed through the tape host or proxies instead of the Veeam B&R server?

Thank you for your time and consideration of what we consider to be a very necessary and valuable feature enhancement.

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Re: Feature request: Selectable proxy/gateway for tape jobs

Veeam Logoby rreed » Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:40 pm

For File to Tape, first select the tape server as your server, then enter the path (UNC's also work) to your backup files. It will then use the tape server - or whichever other server you choose as the data mover.
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Re: Feature request: Selectable proxy/gateway for tape jobs

Veeam Logoby Dima P. » Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:08 am

Hi Anderson,

Thanks for sharing. We will definitely review your case and discuss the possible enhancements for the existing behavior.
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