Using tape as a backup target
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Feature Request - Tape Library selection

Post by AdamWay » Jun 01, 2017 8:55 am 1 person likes this post

Ive been speaking with support on an issue im currently having, 02156507, and by the sounds of it its not currently possible so was suggested to raise a feature request on the forums.

We have a geographically disperse configuration with 1 Veeam management server in the UK and many remote locations around EMEA with their own tape infrastructure.
We have been implementing Veeam Tape jobs to provide long term protection for our VMs

In most locations we have 2 different types of data to protect, CIFS data that we snap mirror to secondary storage and have to use another backup provider because Veeam doesn't support NDMP and Veeam Backup Files.

As we have to use 2 pieces of software to protect all our Data we have partitioned our tape libraries so Veeam can have exclusive access to a sub section of the tapes in a library.
In 3 of our locations we have got 2 "Backup" server for NDMP and Veeam Tape backups, this works well because Veeam only sees the library on the server we tell it to.
But in 1 location we only have 1 backup server and there is no option to add a second.
This means that we cannot Zone off or stop Veeam from detection the secondary library partition for ANother software , and inventorying (all the time) and importing the library/drives/tapes.
This causes confusion for admins as to why some tapes are "Unrecognised" and why there are extra library / drives showing.

Through some clever renaming of drives and library to "ZZ - DO NOT USE" i can try to make admins aware that they are not supposed to use these, but to be honest it is an ugly hack and not a fix.

And now on to my feature request:
What would be great is when adding a tape server you get a dialog box appear showing all the libraries and drives that have been found and a simple tick box next to each one to choose if you want to add it to the Veeam configuration, rather than a Hey Look what i found and you cant do anything about it

For now i guess i will have to keep the ugly naming and hope that no one formats the tapes that are in use the by other software... eeek

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Re: Feature Request - Tape Library selection

Post by Dima P. » Jun 09, 2017 4:58 pm

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the request - I'll discuss it with the team!

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