Using tape as a backup target
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files copied to two tapes only restorable from one of them

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we are running VB&R 10 on Windows.

I wanted to create duplicates of an existing tape from 2018 (created with VB&R9.5) which I expected to be not really easy due to Veeam's non-existing support for tape duplication.

The backup sessions were restored successfully from the existing tape to a temporary repository.
Unfortunately I was not able to create new backup tapes from the restored files (with "Tape Job / Backups" and newly created dummy backup jobs mapped to the restored data) so I decided to use "Tape Job / Files" to create two new tapes (first to tape 44 and then a second job to tape 45). This worked so far: the copied .VBK files can be seen in the "Properties / Files" dialog of both tapes 44 and 45.

If I want to restore those copied files again with "Restore / Tape / Restore files" I can select the 17 items and the button "Backup Set" shows two media sets (as expected: both in the same tape library but each in a different media pool) created at different times.

The problem is: When I click "Next" to select a destination I get a warning "The following tapes will be needed in the restore process: 45". I would have expected that VB&R knows that there are two tapes holding those 17 .VBK files and would accept both of those tapes: 44 or 45.

Completing the restore job shows that VB&R only requests tape 45, tape 44 is not mentioned anywhere.

Choosing "Catalog" for both tapes 44 and 45 did not change anything.

So how can I restore files from tape 45 or tape 44 as I see fit?


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Re: files copied to two tapes only restorable from one of them

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Hello Klaus,

To clarify: tape 45 and tape 44 were used during file to tape job as a target for the backup files. Were these tapes completely free? Can you please confirm that all needed files were restored (even though the log shows that only one tape was used)? Thanks!

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