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Full backup to tape and Copy jobs

Post by JoshuaPostSAMC » Apr 10, 2017 6:48 pm

I'm starting my first Tape job, and I selected the entire repository that is the destination of a Backup Copy Job.

In the tape job I selected to not let this tape job be interrupted by primary backup jobs, but I saw in the logs that the Backup Copy jobs still ran and changed files and a retry was selected.

I had incorrectly told my job to also backup incremental files, which isn't my intention, but I do want to kick off a job to get a full backup of current data onto tape. If this setting won't pause my BCJ, what is the impact of the backups on tape? It will take approximately 3 days to finish this backup to tape and if I need the BCJ to be suspended that is fine, but I hate to have to manually disable these jobs when running out to tape and then have to remember to enable them.

Is there a problem if a BCJ runs in the middle of a tape job?

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Re: Full backup to tape and Copy jobs

Post by Shestakov » Apr 12, 2017 12:26 pm

in this case indeed source backup copy job should run and create a new increment, however, do to the selected option, the backup copy job will not change the files being used by the tape job.

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