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GFS media set names

Post by lowlander » Oct 11, 2019 12:52 pm

Hi there,

we are running several tape-out jobs that are using GFS media pools.

When we configure the weekly media set, not to append and configure the retention with 4 weeks. Every saturday a job will run. I have a question regarding the naming of the automatic created media sets : what will be the behaviour of naming the media sets :

option 1 :

week1 : weekly_week1
week2 : weekly_week2
week3 : weekly_week3
week4 : weekly_week4


option 2 :

week1 : weekly_week1
week2 : weekly_week1
week3 : weekly_week1
week4 : weekly_week1

in other words : will a new media set be created every week in the cycle of 4 weeks retention, or is on name being used for the mediaset ?

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Re: GFS media set names

Post by Dima P. » Oct 11, 2019 4:58 pm

Hello lowlander,

Any text except variables will be treated as static. Check the list of available variables here.

From the top of my head you could use the following pattern to label for the media set name:

Code: Select all

Weekly media set %day%.%monthnumeric% 

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