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GFS setting for tape

Post by wehuh88 »

Hello everyone, sorry to bother you. I am a Veeam beginner and I would like to inquire about tape settings.

My environment is as follows:
I am using Veeam Backup version 12, and my source is VMware vSphere virtual machines. The full backup size is approximately 2.5TB per day, and it is backed up to a NAS with 50TB of storage capacity.

I have only one backup job, which runs once a day in the early morning. The restore point of the backup job is set to 18, and GFS is enabled: Synthetic full backup is generated every Monday, and monthly backups are retained for 18, and yearly backups are retained for 7. The backups are always cycled like this, and the NAS storage space is sufficient.

Later, I purchased 20 sets of LTO7 tapes, and I hope that the tapes can maintain the same backup state as the NAS so that the 20 tapes can be used in a continuous loop. Additionally, I hope to backup the NAS to the tapes after the backup job on the NAS completes. Furthermore, it is necessary to ensure that the backups on the tapes must comply with the definitions on the GFS backup job, which is to retain 18 monthly backups and 7 yearly backups.

Can you please suggest how I can configure my system to meet these usage scenarios? Or do any of you have any better suggestions that you can share with me? My goal is to have both the NAS and tapes maintain the same backup state.

Thank you.
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Re: GFS setting for tape

Post by Mildur »

Hi wehuh88

Welcome to the forum.
I suggest to create a GFS media Pool:
GFS Media Pool: https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backu ... ml?ver=120
GFS Tape Job: https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backu ... ml?ver=120
A GFS Media Pool with a Backup To Tape Job will make sure, that you can achieve your desired GFS retention on Tapes.

But 20 Tapes will not be enough. You need 17-18 Tapes for monthly backups, and 7 Tapes for the yearly backups.
If you want to write your weekly backups to tape, another 3-4 Tapes will be required. And the daily tapes also require at least 1 Tape per week.

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