Using tape as a backup target
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GFS using extra tape

Post by jmgal »

I have a Dell TL2000 library with two drives in it. GFS backs up to both simultaneously.

Sometimes when the first tape is full and there is room on the second tape to complete the backup, Veeam pulls a third tape from Free and uses that instead.

How can I make it use the available space?

My GFS media set names are slightly different because they include the time and there is a minute between when it starts to write to the first tape and when it writes to the second tape. Should I make the media set names the same? For example, should I change the media set name from

%year%-%monthnumeric%-%day% %time% Monthly set #%id%
%year%-%monthnumeric%-%day% Monthly set
Today's media sets are called 2020-06-06 12:01 AM Monthly set#94 and 2020-06-06 12:02 AM Monthly set#95.

If I renamed as above they would both be 2020-06-06 Monthly set.

Would that fix it?

Or should I make sure there is no spare free tape so Veeam will wait until the current backup completes on the second tape before it tries to write the next backup to tape?

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Re: GFS using extra tape

Post by PetrM »

Hi Alan,

I'm pretty sure that the explanation of this behavior can be found in debug logs, it's not something that we can quickly troubleshoot over the forum posts.

You may contact our support team and upload logs for further investigation. Please don't forget to paste support case id for our reference.


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Re: GFS using extra tape

Post by Dima P. »


Small clarification: media set name does not affect the tape media usage, it's a way to represent the tape media sequence for you as a user. Please raise a ticket and share the case ID with us. Cheers!

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