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Help with Backup2Tape Shedule

Veeam Logoby plandata_at » Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:53 am

Need some help with backup2tape Shedule.

Our situation:
Big data (~35-40 TB) in several offices snapvaulted daily over WAN during night (several jobs) with veeam netapp integration to central backup storage. Works like a charm!
Now weekly and monthly full-Backups to tape with different overwrite protection periods. I tried to use GFS media pool, but this is not possible because GFS pool has no parallel tape processing which we need to get enough speed to complete the backup in time.
Veeam has 10G NFS access to backupstorage, Veeam Scaleoutrepository is direct SAS attached to veeam proxy and LTO7 tapelibary with 2 drives is SAS attached to veeam backupproxy. Backupproxy is a dual cpu with 8 cores, so can handle about 16 parallel tasks.

Now i decided to do the following:
- Backup to scale out repository to allow backup2tape
- create a media pool weekly with overwrite pritection set to 4 weeks
- create a media pool monthly with overwrite pritection set to 3 month

a) created a incremental backupjob for every remoteoffice with scale out backuprepository as a destination, snapvault as a secondary destination and snapvault destination as a datasource. Jobs are starting on Friday night all at the same time (no linked jobs) and take about 20-30hours to finish. (creating primary storage snapshots (5 minutes) , snapvaulting to central storage over WAN (about 6 hours) and backing up to veeam repository from there (about 20-24 hours incremental when already proessed on active full)

- Created a Tape job for weekly backup, and here my questions start:

b) I cannot use the "Shedule after this job" because the jobs i have mentioned above have to start all at the same time so snapvault update gets finished as early as possible. (has to be finished over night to get WAN ressources free)
c) I would like to use "as new backup files appear" but i only need full backups on disk. Would it be a possibility to set the job from point a) to reverse incremental to fullfill this? But jobs will get slower with reverse incremental and i need as really high speed as possible to get the complete backup jain finished in maximum 5 days....
d) Or should i set a full backup shedule in the tape job get full backups for example on monday morning? But what happens when backups from point a) are fore some reason not ready on monday?
e) When working with full backup shedules in tape job, I have the full backup shedule and the shedule of the tape job itself. Which shedule has to run first to get a full backup as soon as possible after my jobs from point a finished?

f) Feature Request: Veeam has too much shedules on different points in the GUI, maybe you can set shedules more centrally in feature versions?

g) I can shedule the weekly job once per week, but how do i control that weekly job is not running in the week when monthly runs?
h) Or am I completly wrong and do you have any other suggestions how to design this?

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Re: Help with Backup2Tape Shedule

Veeam Logoby Dima P. » Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:55 pm

Hi plandata_at,

If I got a picture right - you want only full backups being placed on tape on weekly and monthly basis. If that’s what you are looking for tape GFS is a better option. You would need to define retention for weekly and monthly media set and set the schedule to run at specific day. GFS tape job process only full backups (or create synthetics when there is no full backup for the set date)

However, if you want full backups to be placed on tape more frequently – you can use ‘as a new backup file appear’ schedule option of the simple backup to tape job. The idea is to disable backup of the incremental media pool and to process only full backups.
Dima P.
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Re: Help with Backup2Tape Shedule

Veeam Logoby plandata_at » Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:19 am

Hi Dima,

thanks, but GFS is not an option because parallel tape processing is not able with GFS.....
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