Using tape as a backup target
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How to protect tapes against ransomware etc..??

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We are trying to secure our backup infrastructure even more than today. Attended the online Veeam seminar about things not to do a couple of days ago and I can relate to a few of them

My question is what do you do regarding protecting your tape-library from being wiped if your backup infrastructure is compromised. I am thinking of worst case, where an attack wipe the tapes in the library. I regular export our tapes to a safe (when they are full), but there are always about 100 tapes in the library, so I am not quite sure my exported tapes are any worth if they need any of the online tapes that might have been wiped.

Do you guys have a plan in case your tape library gets wiped and how/ what do you export to complete offline?

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Re: How to protect tapes against ransomware etc..??

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Hi Staun, thanks for attending the session last week.

One technique is WORM media, which we now support. Couple that with keeping the most recent restore points on that media. May be a nice trick?

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