Using tape as a backup target
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Netapp to VTL

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We're considering using VTL (with AWS as that is out Corp's Cloud Partner) to store only our most critical set of data. Its about 2.6 TB daily that we want to upload and the likely hood is that we will let it expire.

Ideally we would use Cloud Tier for this workload but (for business reasons) we can only use volume based snapshots (NetApp) for our VM workloads which means that our data has to stay on platform (and as I understand it Cloud Tier requires that our data be moved off platform.

I have a few questions re: VTL.

When I set up VTL it only shows me Galcier and Glacier Deep Archive. I assume that S3 IA isn't available for VTL ?

Also, Im looking for 14 days retention on that data. What is the best way to make sure I control costs on this workload when placed in VTL?

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Re: Netapp to VTL

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I split your question away from the cloud cost topic.

As you say, that you only do volume based Netapp storage snapshots... how is the data transferred from a storage snapshot to tape (VTL)? Veeam has no built-in functionality for this.

For 14 days retention, Glacier is very expensive, yes. I never tested the AWS VTL. I assume asking in AWS forums could help, because from a Veeam perspective, the VTL approach is dead (too complex, too limited, too expensive).

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