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Order of tapes incomprehensible

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Since the update to Update 4 of Update 3a, the use of the tapes is incomprehensible. Previously, the free tape was taken, in which the running number of the MEDIA SET was the smallest. With multiple tapes from a set, the sequence number was always the same, so the first tape was always used first. With Update 4, if only one MEDIA set is available, it will take first the higher sequence number and then the smaller one. For several media sets is chosen freely, the order does not open to me. Thus, the numbering of my tapes is no longer logical.

The hotline says that with Update 4, the order of the selected bands is chosen based on the number of overwrite. However, I can not recognize these in the tabular surface and must always go into the properties of the respective tapes. That's not really useful. In addition, the number of overwrites can not really be right, because all tapes have been purchased at the same time and the numbers differ significantly from each other. Tape A from a set partially has twice as many overwrites as tape B from the same set.

I can understand that the option is well thought of to use less used tapes more often, so that all are worn out the same, but personally I like the old selection method better. Can not you leave the customer like choice as to how tapes are selected?

I am urgently asking for implementation, otherwise a library does not make so much sense with us ...

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Re: Reihenfolge der Tapes nicht nachvollziehbar / Order of tapes incomprehensible

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Hello Blacky,

Sorry for the delay. Can you please clarify how the retention is configured for the mentioned media pool? Thank you!

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