Using tape as a backup target
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returning tapes into veeam

Post by HannibalK1ng »


so recently started using veeam with a tape backup library which is working excellent exporting tapes, putting them into vaults ect.

now tapes have expired and returned from offsite, I have loaded them into the mail slots but what is the best way to mark them as online and out of the vault ? should I inventory? remove from vault? mark them as free?

I'm not sure which is the best way to do this.

any suggestions would be great!

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Re: returning tapes into veeam

Post by HannesK »

yes, in that order :-)

Well, I don't know what retention time you set on the media pool. So the "mark as free" might be optional.

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Re: returning tapes into veeam

Post by Natalia Lupacheva »

Hi Andrew,

just to add, if you are looking for best practices, you might be interested in veeambp site.

Also, "mark as free" option has some limitations, please take a look:
You cannot mark protected tapes as free. To mark such tapes as free, you need to switch the protection off first.
You cannot mark WORM tapes as free either.

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