Using tape as a backup target
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Second Backup Copy Job to Tape

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I have the following scenario

Server 1 (Veema Standard)
- Backups to NAS.
- Copy Backup Job to another NAS at DataCentre

Server 2 (Veeam Enterprise)
- Tape Library attached.
-Visibility of the NAS at the DataCentre where Backup Copy jobs copy to.

Is it possible for Server2 to copy the Backup Copy Job data to tape ? The DC NAS is added as a repo on Server 2, but I don't see amyu of the copy backup job files there, Would a second BCJ have to run on data initiated from a backup performed by Server 2, not Server1 ?

Egor Yakovlev
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Re: Second Backup Copy Job to Tape

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Hi Graham,

Two VBR servers are unaware of each other's backups. If you add same NAS folder as repository to several VBR servers, after repository rescan, backups from Server 1 should be visible under Backups(imported) node in Server 2, however it is tricky to pick them for tape offload as schedules from S1 backup and S2 tape copy might overlap and you end up with crippled tape backup chain or failed backup job.

Without mixing Repository on same NAS on same folder, you can use File to Tape job and target said NAS S1 repository folder as a source. But once again, that does not solve the overlap problem - you should be careful splitting activities on the backup chain from S1 and S2.

Ideally you want to properly zone Tape Library drives so that each VBR handles it's own backups lifecycle with 100% isolation of another.


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