Slow tape backup using GFS Media Pool

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Slow tape backup using GFS Media Pool

Veeam Logoby stewsie » Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:38 am

We have recently connected two tape libraries to the Veeam environment. The libraries are connected to a physical server and the Veeam components installed.

Our requirements are to run a weekly full backup to tape and I have been experimenting with the media pool type. Initially I was just using the simple media pool and running various tests and performance was OK. Yesterday I configured a GFS pool and ran 4 backup jobs. The throughput to tape is very slow. The tape drives are LTO 7 and there are two drives in each library.

When using the simple media pool, throughput can be as high as 160 MB/s whereas using the GFS pool the speed was as follows

27 MB/s transferred 70.5 GB took 56:05
24 MB/s transferred 161.5 GB took 2:17:33
49 MB/s transferred 212.7 GB took 1:24:15
28 MB/s transferred 69.7 GB took 57:10

Is this just the way that the GFS pool works? If so I will not be able to use it as some jobs with run into TB and may not complete before the next weekly would be due.

If my objective is just to take a weekly full to tape could I just use the simple pool, schedule the full on a specific day and schedule so the tape job runs only on that day?

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Re: Slow tape backup using GFS Media Pool

Veeam Logoby skrause » Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:37 pm

Are you sure your media pool compression/encryption settings are the same on each media pool?

This really looks like the kind of symptoms I would expect when using software vs library encryption.

Also, what does the job say the primary bottleneck is?
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