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Switch from Windows-based to Linux-based tape server

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Hi folks,

in the past, we used Windows based servers as repository and also simultaneously as tape server for our Veeam backups. As we want to switch to Linux based repositories using XFS instead of ReFS, we also have to (or better "want to") switch from Windows based tape servers to linux based tape servers. In the past, Veeam used Microsoft Tape format to write to tape and as far as I can see, it still uses this format in v12. If we now want to switch to Linux based tape servers, will it be possible to read the older tapes written under Windows OS? Or do we have to keep one Windows based tape server alive until all tapes are expired and use new ones for the new Linux based host?

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Re: Switch from Windows-based to Linux-based tape server

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yes, Veeam Linux tape servers can restore tapes from Veeam Microsoft tape servers.

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