Tape can be imported even if library is full

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Tape can be imported even if library is full

Veeam Logoby francs » Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:16 am

Case 01752864

In short: It is possible to import a tape even though all the slots in the library is assigned.

To recreate the problem:
- If no jobs are running you can import tapes until the library's slots are full. No problem there.
- Let's say you place another free tape in your Entry/Exit slot of the library.
- A job runs that uses a tape (the tape is now mounted in a drive)
- You can now run the Veeam "Import Tapes" function which will import the tape from the Entry/Exit slot and place it in the same slot as was previously occupied by the tape now in the drive.
- When the job, that was using the tape in the drive, finish, it tries to move the tape from the drive to the original source slot, however the slot is now occupied by another tape.
- The tape move fails and the drive becomes unavailable.
- You now have to manually intervene to clear the problem.

Some solutions for the problem:
- Part of the "Import tapes" function should be a check to see if there are tapes mounted in a drive, and subtract that from the number of open library slots.
- If a tape can't be ejected from a drive to the original source slot, eject it to the Entry/Exit slot.
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