Using tape as a backup target
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Tape copy issues

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Case #05817218

We are in the process of preparing to upgrade the drive in our existing tape library from LTO8 to LTO9. Because we have a few non-GFS LTO7 tapes that we want to continue to have access to, we are attempting to use a virtual tape library as a go-between to get our tapes migrated from LTO7 (via existing LTO8 drive) to LTO8 (virtual drive) and then to LTO9 (once we have the LTO9 drive installed in our existing library). Using Veeam's tape copy functionality, I have successfully copied 2 tapes to the virtual tape library. However, I have 3 older tapes that I'm unable to copy. I am able to restore from these tapes without issue, but the tape copy appears to be detecting them as GFS tapes. To try to work around this, I created a GFS media pool, but the tape copy then came back with the message "Unexpected media set type: Simple". Two of the problem tapes were created with Veeam and one was created with Veeam A tape created with worked without issue, so I expect that some changes to tape functionality in 9.5.4 are causing the issue. Does anybody have any ideas how to get around the incorrect tape detection problem (detecting as GFS when it shouldn't be), or alternatively is there a good way to restore all backups from one tape and write them to another tape? I appreciate any assistance.
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Re: Tape copy issues

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Hello Brad,

Thanks for case #
As far as I can see you are right, considering the log messages, it seems like there were some changes in the functionality. Please continue to work with our support engineers. I'm confident they will help to resolve this issue.

Also, feel free to escalate the ticket (talk to manager button within the support portal), if you are not satisfied with the quality or time of response.

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