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Tape export only Monday-Thursday

Veeam Logoby RBIT-Team » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:17 am

Hello to all,

we have a problem with one of our customer.

they have a tape library ( 7 slots | 6 Tapes (LTO6) for backup + 1 cleaning tape [has to be in the tape library] ).

Actual we have 2 jobs
1. Backup to Disk (Backup of 15 Hyper-V Servers to a Managementserver)
- Restore Points to keep on disk: 14
- Incremental
- Active full backup on Saturday
- Schedule: every day at 22:00

=> The full backup needs to tapes because it's 3.6 TB and we can store 2.3 TB per tape

2. Backup to Tape (Second target of Job 1)
- Full backup (Sunday)
- Incremental Backup
- Schedule: After Backup to Disk

Please don't ask why, but out customer wants the tape to be exported to the mailslot after the job has finished.
Monday someone will refill the library with new tapes.

At the moment i have no plan, how the backup to tape should be done, so that
a) Monday to thursday only the increments are saved to tape and ejected automaticaly (for ejection of the tape we have a functional script)
b) Friday full-backup to tape without ejecting them, because of the two tapes.

Thanks all for help
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Re: Tape export only Monday-Thursday

Veeam Logoby Dima P. » Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:02 pm


This sould be easy, but let customer know that tapes won’t be completely filled with data. Frankly speaking, customer will lose remaining free space because of daily export setup.

1. Use Create new media set for every backup session on the target media pool
2. Use Export current media set upon job completion on the tape job
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