Using tape as a backup target
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Tape from File Share + VSS: any additional config?

Post by soncscy »

Not sure if this should go in the tape forum or here, but since the question is specifically about the file share configuration, I'm trying my luck here :D

I hope my question is simple:

When doing a file to tape backup from an added file share, does the tape job use the same resources (file proxy) as the file share backup? Will all the VSS configurations on the file share automatically be inherited by the file to tape job or do I need to double-check additional configuration items?

Just trying to wrap my head around some VSS related errors for one of my client and know if I should push a case or if we just fundamentally misunderstand the file to tape and file share relationship in v10

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Re: Tape from File Share + VSS: any additional config?

Post by HannesK »

well yes, hard to say whether you question fits better to "tape" for "file share" forum :-)

I moved it to tape... the file proxy is not used. But VSS can be used if you use the checkbox here ... ml?ver=100

Before opening a case, you could try a dry run from your tape server (or backup server, if they are not separated) ... ation.html (step 2)

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