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Tape Inventory Job

Veeam Logoby MrMegaVadim » Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:51 pm

Hi to all
recently I opened a case at VEEAM for a warning message that I'm receiving every time when I do a Library inventory (Important NOTE this is TAPE INFRASTRUCTURE\Libraries\"your library"\right-click Inventory Library OR script Start-VBRTapeInventory -Library $Library )
so the job finishes every time with a warning against the same list of tapes: example: Tape 3 from media set Incremential-L6 1/18/2016 1:53 PM has never been inventoried

if I select all tapes in Library that is Important NOTE: TAPE INFRASTRUCTURE\Libraries\Media\Online\ select all tapes\ right-click Inventory Tape (or script Start-VBRTapeInventory -Medium $tapes)
In this case the job finish OK

I figured out that Library Inventory does some additional checkouts and in fact those tapes (11 in my case) are tapes that was written ones in a time but not inventoried at the moment when they were inside the library. And now when executing a Library inventory I will receive a warning and that for all time till I will not use those tapes again

I configured
1. a script that will verify if there are a new tapes inserted into the Library and if yes will erase and inventory those tapes. The scripts start before every Tape Backup Job session
2. a scheduled task in Windows that 1 a week will run a script that will inventory all tapes used this week

SO my solution to avoid this annoying WARNINGS is Scripting

If veeam could create/enable a feature in some future versions on VEEAM B&R where the customers could create/schedule Tape Inventory Jobs and Tape Erase Jobs
I must mention that this options are already available in some other Backup solutions
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Re: Tape Inventory Job

Veeam Logoby Dima P. » Thu Jul 07, 2016 12:00 am

Hi Vadim,

Tape 3 from media set

Is your tape device 'blind' (are you using barcode reader)? Thanks.
Dima P.
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