Using tape as a backup target
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Tape not recognizing label

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Getting problem with correct tapes not being picked up for weekly tape backup

Weekend just gone had tapes W03T0119 and W03T0219. When job started got error "16/03/2019 00:05:40 :: Loaded tape has unexpected media ID. Most likely, this is caused by duplicate barcode. Please insert the correct tape" - I keep getting this

Next week is week 4 - now I see Tape 4 as label. If I inventory it briefly shows as correct label W04T01L7. Then after about 5 seconds goes back to displaying Tape 4. I'm pretty sure when the next tape jobs runs it will reject this tape again

Any ideas why this is happening?

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Re: Tape not recognizing label

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Hi Ian. Mark the tape as free (not erase) and catalog it, that will solve 'unexpected media ID' error. In case that doesn't help please open a support ticket.

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Re: Tape not recognizing label

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Hi lyapkost, your decision helped me!
Thanks a lot!

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