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Unofficial tape library compatibility list

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The following is the list of all tape libraries that were reported by your fellow community forum members as compatible with Veeam.
We also have self-verification process available for tape library vendors, devices verified through this process are marked with [VERIFIED].

ADIC Scalar 100

Dell PowerVault 124T
Dell PowerVault 136T
Dell PowerVault TL1000
Dell PowerVault TL2000
Dell PowerVault TL4000
Dell PowerVault LTO 5-140
Dell PowerVault LTO 6
Dell PowerVault LTO 7


Firestreamer VTL [VERIFIED]

Fujitsu Eternus LT40

HP ESL 712e
HP MSL G3 Series 4048
HP MSL G3 Series 8096
HP MSL 4048
HP MSL 6030
HP MSL 6480
HP StoreOnce (VTL) [MSL series emulation]
HP StorageWorks 1/8 G2 LTO-3 Ultrium 920
HP StorageWorks 1/8 G2 LTO-6 Ultrium 6250 SAS Autoloader (C0H18A)
HP StorageWorks LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 SCSI
HP Ultrium 6250 LTO-6
Note: StorageWorks has been renamed to StoreEver

IBM TS3100
IBM TS3200
IBM TS3310
IBM TS3500
IBM ProtectTier 7650 (VTL)

Oracle StorageTek SL150 [ask Oracle support for the driver]
Oracle StorageTek SL500
Oracle StorageTek SL3000

Overland Tandberg Exabyte Magnum 1x7
Overland Tandberg NEO 100s [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg NEO 200s [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg NEO 400s [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg NEO 2000e [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg NEO 4000e [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg NEO 8000e [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg NEOxl 40 [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg NEOxl 80 [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg RDX Quikstation (VTL) [T40 emulation] [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg RDX Quikstation 8 (VTL) [T40 emulation] [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg T24 [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg T40+ [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg T80+ [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg T120+ [VERIFIED]
Overland Tandberg T160+ [VERIFIED]

Quantum Scalar i3 (with IBM LTO 8 HH drive)
Quantum Scalar i40
Quantum Scalar i80
Quantum Scalar i500
Quantum Scalar i2000
Quantum Scalar i6000
Quantum SuperLoader 3

QUADStor (VTL) [IBM TS3100/3580 emulation] [VERIFIED]

Qualstar RLS

Spectra Logic T50e [Quantum P7000 emulation]

StarWind VTL v8 [HP MSL 4048 emulation]

mhVTL (VTL) [64KB block size] [VERIFIED]


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